"Legally Married and the Sky Didn't Fall!" A collection of inspiring songs about love and courage with Jon Arterton and James Mack.
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A collection of inspiring songs about love and courage
with Jon Arterton and James Mack,
legally married in Massachusetts in 2005 – and the sky didn’t fall!

“Legally Married … and the sky didn’t fall!” contains fourteen wonderful songs, three of which were written by David Friedman: “We Live on Borrowed Time”, “Help is on the Way” and “We Can Be Kind;” and two by Stephen Sondheim: “Children Will Listen” and “Being Alive.” Other songs include “They Were You” from The Fantasticks, “Come What May” from the film Moulin Rouge, “We Shall Be Free” by Garth Brooks, “Secret o’ Life” by James Taylor, “Change of Heart” by Holly Near”, “Defenders of Marriage” by Roy Zimmerman, “Everything Possible” by Fred Small, “On My Way to You” by Michel Legrand, and “Love Don’t Need a Reason” by Michael Callen, Peter Allen, Marsha Malamet, and Allan Rich.


Jon Arterton was once a high school teacher and the co-founder of the proudly gay a cappella group The Flirtations seen on HBO and in the film Philadelphia. He now conducts The Outer Cape Chorale, Provincetown’s 150-voice community chorus.

James Mack was once a licensed Southern Baptist minister and later a men’s fashion executive in New York City. For many
years he owned a bed-and-breakfast in Provincetown, and now performs wedding ceremonies for couples gay and straight.  

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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each CD will be donated to Freedom to Marry (www.freedomtomarry.org).

Complete listing of tracks:

1. We Live on Borrowed Time 

2. They Were You

3. Love Don’t Need a Reason

4. Being Alive

5. Secret o’ Life

6. Help is on the Way

7. Children Will Listen

8. Everything Possible

9. Defenders of Marriage

10. We Can Be Kind

11. Change of Heart

12. On My Way to You

13. Come What May

14. We Shall Be Free


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"Legally Married...and the sky didn't fall!"

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